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Maggie Booth is one of the Survivors in Impact Winter. Maggie is a master mechanic and able to build upgrades for the Church. She is able to transform your base into a safer more comfortable living space.

Age: 34
Skill: Crafting

Raised in her father's auto-shop before 'the Catastrophe', she's a strong woman who doesn't suffer fools. Her Crafting skills enable her to build Upgrades for the Church and repair broken Items.

Crafting: Building Upgrades
  • Water Filter - 3h 12min
Metal Bucket
Cotton Rag
Rubber Tube
Ice Cooler
  • Furnace (small) - 3h 12min
Bolts (small)
Pipe (large)
Can (large)
Breeze Block
  • Furnace (medium) - 6h 24min
Bolts (large)
Can (small)
Metal Plate
Pressure Gauge
  • Wooden Door - 4h
Plank (large)
Wooden Shingle
Spring (small)
Bolts (small)
Glass Pane
  • Safe (small) - 5h 36min
Plank (small)
Wooden Shingle
Bolts (small)
Screws (small)
  • Wooden Beds - 4h 48min
Plank (large)
Plank (small)
Fleece Blanket

Role[edit | edit source]

+ Extra supplies - Chance of injury

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]