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Maggie's Story

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Maggie's Story is mostly about upgrades to the Church, but if you follow it, you will also be able to create usefull items such as the much desired Snowmobile and Homemade Charge, and items to keep morale up, such as the Guitar. You can see the complete list of items Maggie are able to craft, at the Crafting page.

To start the story, speak with Maggie for the first time.

Firing the Furnace[edit | edit source]

Maggie's first idea for an improvement to the Church is to build a small furnace, the Furnace (small). In order to do this, she needs a number of parts, that she suggests you search some Dumpsters near St. Clarence Park for.

Travel to this Snowcave and investigate it. You will find all the needed items, as well as lots of items that are in fact of general use for many of Maggie's Crafting items in later stages of the game. For example there is an Electric Bike, that has a Motor (large) that can be used in the Snowmobile, and many other items. You will not be able to carry it all, but mark the location, so you can return later. If you search the Dumpsters you will also find some Seeds.

When you return to the Church you can have Maggie build the Furnace (small), which will conclude the first task, and unlock the Furnace (medium).

Completing this task will gain you 250 RP.

Power Time Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

Maggie now wants to build a Power Source for the Church, and believes her father has some suitable blueprints, with a number of designs for portable generators, locked away in a locker inside his Garage to the north of the Church, the MJ Booths Auto Repair. Maggie provides you with an old notebook, where she has drawn a a crude map of where the auto shop is located, and added some instructions of what to do, once you find those blueprints.

Travel to the location of the garage, then enter it, and start searching for the key. There is a lot of usuable items in the auto shop, be sure to pick up Nails if you find them, as Nails can be hard to come by later. The key is located near a Toilet, and the locker is located below the stairs. Unlock the locker, and grab the blueprints. This conclude this task, and gains you 250 RP.

This also unlocks a set of new Craftables for Maggie, the Periscope, and the Luxury Items: Punching Bag, Basketball Hoop, Guitar and Easel.

Power Time Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

Maggie now needs the parts for the Hand Generator. You can find all the parts in the garage. Locate the items, pick them up, and return to the Church.

Note the location of the auto shop, as it contains e.g. Fuel that can be useful later, as well as number of other parts that can be used in many of Maggie's Crafting items.

When you return to the Church, have Maggie build the Hand Generator - when she is done, this task will be completed, and you will gain 500 RP.

A Reinforced Rope[edit | edit source]

When you next talk to Maggie, you will find that having power in the Church have given her the idea that she could construct a Beacon (small) that will allow Jacob to communicate with the Church from any Campsite that has a Campsite Radio. This complex design requires some special parts, that are hard to find. To locate them you will need to be able to access deep underground, and going into a Sinkhole.

But, entering a Sinkhole requires a Reinforced Rope, and in order to craft one such, Maggie needs some Reinforced Steel Thread, which is only available through Traders. You will have to find enough seeds to purchase the parts, before Maggie can create the Reinforced Rope.

Besides the thread, you also need a Steel Rope and a Rope (long). These are also sold at Traders.

A good source of Seeds - should you not already have enough - is 5 Chilton Lane.

When you have enough, Maggie will direct you to a Trading Post north-east of the Church, at the Train Crash Site Trading Post.

The prices at this trader for the items you need is:

Go to the Train Crash Site and buy the items you need. If you do not already have a couple of Lock Pick, then pick a few of these as well. Then go back to the Church, and have Maggie craft the Reinforced Rope.

TODO: How many points?

The Relay Modules[edit | edit source]

Location of the room with the key in, needed to access the control boxes in the Airport Sinkhole.

When Maggie is done crafting the Reinforced Rope, she wants to carry on with the Beacon (small). For this, she needs 3 x Relay Module. These can only be found at the sattelite dishes at the Airport. They are locked away deep underground though. You need to locate a key for the control boxes in the Airport, then enter the Airport Sinkhole and find the satellites. Then, retrieve the Relay Modules, and return them to Maggie.

Luckily, you newly crated Reinforced Rope will allow you to enter any Sinkhole.

Maggies instruction will point a two different locations now. The one most to the west will be the Nelson International Airport, the other (to the east) will be the Airport Sinkhole.

In order to get the key, you need to pick a few lock. Be sure to bring some Lock Picks. If you forget to bring some, you may be able to find some on one of the bodies in the airport.

Travel to the airport and enter it. The key you are looking for, is in a desk drawer in one of the offices in the ground floow, next to a Luggage scanning area.

Leave the airport and use Maggi's directions to travel to the Sinkhole. Find the satellite dishes, unlock the control boxes, and get the Relay Module in each.

Note, that if you leave the Sinkhole from the other end of where you entered, you exit into an area where you can find a Military Crash Site, and other things, but it can be very hard to get back to the Church., so yuo may need to travel back through the sinkholes.

When you get back to the Church, have Maggie craft the Beacon (small), and you will have completed this task and gained 500 RP.

Protection[edit | edit source]

Talk to Maggie again, and she has now come up with an idea to protect the Church from Scavengers. She suggest you start by locating the items needed to create a Trip Wire and suggest you should go looking for them a Burton Avenue to the west.

She hints that you need to plan for a long journey, and let you know that she has had an idea for a homemade Snowmobile that will allow you to get around the void much quicker.

At this point, you have unlocked the Snowmobile, and can have Maggie craft it, if you have all the parts needed.

Go and collect all the items needed, then return to the Church. You do not need to go to Burton Avenue, if you can get the items from other places.

Have Maggie craft a Trip Wire. This will complete this task, and gain you 500 RP.

The Lighthouse Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

The approximate location of the substation snowcave, in relation to the Church and the Lighthouse.

Talk to Maggie to learn about the last part of this story. Talking will also unlock the Homemade Charge with a test added to the Church storage.

Maggie's final idea is to activate parts of an old Lighthouse at Pike's Peak, and use it as a beacon.

In order to activate the lighthouse, you need to activate a substation nearby, using a Substation Fuse, which you need to obtain from e.g. a Nelson Power van at some point.

Note: The story line will have you locate the substation first, then the lighthouse to find a key for the substation, then back to the substation to activate it, then back to the lighthouse to activate it. It may be possible to shorten the story line a bit, by going directly to the lighthouse to get the key.

To locate the substation, travel in the direction of the Lighthouse at Pike's Peak from the Church. When you are pretty close to the lighthouse, you should be able to find the Substation which is in a snowcase. To the east of the substation is an Army Truck that can be used as a guiding point.

Enter the snowcave, and locate the substation. This will complete the first part of this story, and gain you 500 RP.

*just west by North-west of Substation is a Trader to buy Fuse

The Lighthouse Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

Now you need to find the key to access the substation. This is located in the Lighthouse.

If you do not have it already, you also need a Substation Fuse, which you need to obtain from e.g. a Nelson Power van. You can also buy one from the trader at the Train Crash Site Trading Post.

To get the key, travel to the Lighthouse, enter it, and locate the key on the body on the second floor.

Travel back to the Substation, enter the gate, and insert the Substation Fuse. This will complete this task, and gain you 500 RP.

The Lighthouse Pt. 3[edit | edit source]

Maggie's story path is complete

Travel back to the Lighthouse, enter it, and turn on (use) the main switch. This switch is located at the top of the stairs on the second floor.

This will get you a 4 hour reduction in the Rescue Timer (as will all Substations).

It will also gain you 1000 RP and complete Maggie's story path, enabling the Fence to be craftable.