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Impact Winter is a post-apocalyptic survival adventure set 8 years after "the catastrophe": an asteroid collision that's ravaged Earth's population and buried the planet in a form of an ice age that's lowered the planet’s temperature and buried it under constant snowfall... You are Jacob Solomon: leader of a group of survivors holed-up in a remote church. Your story begins when a mysterious radio transmission is intercepted. In 30 days help is coming...

The world of Impact Winter has no barriers: a non-linear sandbox for you to explore however you choose. Dig for buried Secrets, hunt Wildlife at night, take shelter from fierce Storms, investigate mysterious Signals, set up camp during long expeditions, command your team back at the Church, trade with wandering Nomads, Upgrade your base - and much more.

Scavenging for Supplies is a key part of the game, with Ako-Light's limited inventory creating some tough choices. It's a hostile, unforgiving environment where the smallest object can make the biggest difference. Impact Winter features hundreds of Items across 7 categories: from 'Junk' (which can be used for fuel, or to craft new objects) to 'Electronics' (which can be used to repair and upgrade Ako-Light). You may even be lucky enough to find 'Trinkets': rare, collectible relics from the old world that will give your team a much-needed morale boost.

In Impact Winter, no two games are the same due to dynamic 'Story Events' that replace the traditional 'mission' structure. These events can be completely random (wandering strangers'; kidnappings; Ako-Light malfunctions; strange illnesses) to scripted scenarios that are tied to certain conditions (storms damaging the Church; frostbite from over-exposure to the cold, getting lost in a 'Whiteout'; depressed team members going AWOL). Story Events are designed to test your leadership skills - and because of their random, unpredictable nature - they will often require plans to be altered and actions to be prioritized. Everybody's path to survival will be fraught with different challenges.