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Christophe St-Pierre

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Christophe St-Pierre.png

Christophe St-Pierre is one of the Survivors in Impact Winter. Christophe is a tech head responsible for Ako-Light's maintenance and upgrades.

Age: 19
Skill: Technician

The youngest of the group Christophe's mother died when he was young. He's a self-taught computer programmer and technical whizz-kid. His Technician skills enable him to upgrade and repair the Ako-Light robot.

Crafting: Ako-Light Upgrades
  • Radar Lvl.1 - 6h 40min
Cell Battery
Wire (short)
  • Storage Lvl.1 - 4h
Screws (small)
Wire (short)
  • Storage Lvl.2 - 5h 36min
Can (large)
Wire (short)
Bolts (small)
Cable Ties
  • Thermo-Drill Lvl.1 - 4h
Heating Element
USB Cable
  • Firmware Lvl.1 - 48min
Wire (short) x3
Birdtec USB
Circuit Board
Cable Ties x2
  • Battery Lvl.1 - 6h 40min
Cell Battery 
Wire (short)
Cable Ties
  • Signal Booster - 48min
Can (small)
Cell Battery
Wire (short)

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