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Blane Bishop is one of the Survivors in Impact Winter. Blane is a survivalist capable of upgrading Weapons, building Traps, an other Survival Tools.

Age: 68
Skill: Survival

With a background in law enforcement, Blane's expertise is weaponry and hunting. He's the oldest of the group: a scarred man who lost his family following 'the Catastrophe'. His Survival skill enable him to upgrade Weapons, charge unarmed explosives and build Traps.

Crafting: Outdoors Upgrades
  • Campsite Tent (small) - 1h 36min
Pipe (large)
Cotton Sheet
Duct Tape
  • Campsite Antenna - 1h 36min
GPS Navigation
Pipe (large)
  • Campfire Raised - 1h 20min
Scrap Metal
Bolts (small)
  • Campfire Cook Station - 1h 20min
Chain (long)
Pipe (large)
  • Campfire Flares - 2h 40min
Can (small)
Rubber Tube
Pipe (large)
  • Campfire Snowcatcher - 3h 12min
Rubber Tube
Ice Cooler
Pipe (small)
  • Campsite Storage Box - 1h 36min
Plank (small)
Wooden Shingle
  • Signpost Marker - 48min
Alkaline Battery
Light Bulb
Spring (small)
Scrap Metal
  • Homemade Lockpick - 48min
  • Homemade Flare - 48min
Washing Detergent
Alkaline Battery

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