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Ako-Light is one of the Survivors in Impact Winter. Ako-Light has a full GUI system that comes complete with a Radar that will show your surroundings. As you upgrade his Abilities, the radar will become more of a tool - showing Traps you've laid, nearby Campsites, non accessible areas etc. It'll start out basic, but then give you options for upgrades.

Role[edit | edit source]

Ako-Light has many valuable functions to aid survival and exploration: from discovering buried items on the map (and retrieving them) to storing your provisions. It will also provide some much needed company, reacting to your discoveries and dilemmas. In keeping with the risk-and-reward ethos, Ako-Light has a limited power supply, meaning every action you undertake will drain its battery. If Ako-Light runs out of power it enters 'Power-Save' mode, forcing its features offline and requiring Jacob to carry it back to the Church for recharge.